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  • ATTENTION Asia! We must have 5 registered students in order to have the Saturday 11:00 a.m. class live.  Otherwise a video of the class will be sent to you 48 hours after the US/ET time. 

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  • Classes start August 3rd, 2020 - August 29th, 2020.

  • All subscription options are for a 4-week period.

  • Online Private Classes and Teacher Certification available.

  • Single classes are NOT available for Super Saturday Workshop. Student must be registered for a $70 Unlimited Pass or a $40 4-Weeks Pass.



Taster Series: Melaya, Khaleegy, Saidi & Shabby (All Levels)

Each week we will delve deep into one of these styles.  Combinations with articulated technique, history, and cultural references will be shared.  These combos are so useful as you can use them when these rhythms or musical genres come up in your Mezance or they can be used for an entire choreography in that style.  Either way you will be regarded as a learned dancer when performing any of these folk and traditional styles! 

YOGA MUKHTA FLOW for Bellydancers (All Levels)

Yoga should be an integral part of your dance training as it improves strength, balance, awareness, breathing, focus, and flexibility.  It is extremely beneficial to dancers who want to be more centered and at ease while performing, and have more range of motion and more fluidity.  If you want to incorporate back bends, floor work, or incorporate the balancing of props this class is for you!

Luscious Lines, Exquisite Hands & Arms (All Levels)

Virginia will go deep into the technique, breath, and movement that creates an exquisite frame for all of your dance steps.   Utilizing luscious lines for feet, legs, hips, and posture as well as beautiful arms & hands this class also centers on how to frame for your movements, how to tell the story you want to express, and how to beautify the dance you will present.            


Advanced Shimmy Technique (Layering & Traveling) (All Levels)

Advanced shimmy technique will give you all the tools you need to create a juicy shimmy on top of all of your movements as well as shimmying while traveling with a variety of steps.  Intricate break down of technique, tips, and tricks will be shared.  Create powerful and relaxed shimmies while expanding your range of motion when you travel or layer!


Esal Rohak/Oum Kalthoum (Int/Adv Level)

From Virginia’s CD Virginia Gamilet Algamilaat.  Dynamically emotional this piece has moved audiences around the world. Working very closely with the lyrics she will share her choreography but also a wealth of knowledge on how to interpret the lyrics and how to express your true self by giving an emotionally riveting performance filled with depth and substance.