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  • Go to our Contact Page and send us your email address and name that you will use for the class (if it is different from your PayPal). This must be done one hour prior to the beginning of the class.


Once your registration and email address linked to Zoom have been received, you will receive a link to the “Zoom Meeting” with a password from rakstar@rakstar.net. Click on the link and type the password to join the class. Once the class has started we will "mute" all microphones so everyone can clearly hear the music and instructions being given.  We will un-mute this for 15 minutes to receive your feedback, review any of the steps, technique, or combination, ask questions about anything.  This is an interactive program. Through the Zoom platform the teacher will be able to see you and correct you in class if you have your camera on. 



  • Single Class: $20.00 USD. (Does not apply for Super Saturday Choreography Workshop Series).


  • Four Class Pass: $55.00 USD (to be used between the 1st of the month to the last day of the same month. No substitutions allowed).


  • VIP UNLIMITED PASS to all classes (24 classes in a month!): $90.00 USD (To be used in the same month from the first day classes begin until they end culminating in 4 weeks. Dates can be found in the pertinent month’s schedule below. No substitutions allowed). Students will receive an invite to every class.

  • Private Class for One Hour: $100.00 USD

  • Private Class Package: 4 hours for $295.00 / 5 hours for $395.00 USD

  • Personal Choreography Class (4.5 min or under): $295.00 USD

  • Personal Choreography Class (4.6 min - 6 min):  $395.00 USD

Live class subscriptions do not include YouTube video or prerecorded Zoom classes. YouTube video classes are available to purchase separately.  




YouTube Classes are now available from our monthly schedule, for a particular class or a series of 4 classes within a month.

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  • Availability begins 24 hours after the day and time of the actual live Zoom class US/ET.  

  • Availability for the private YouTube class video is for 24 hours after our confirmation email of your YouTube account’s email address, your class choice, and receipt for the purchase of the class! 

(These are converted live Zoom classes with question & answer sessions included) 



  • Single Class: $30.00 USD (Does not apply for Super Saturday Choreography Workshop Series).  

  • 4 Weekday Class Series: $75.00 USD

  • Super Saturday Choreography Workshop Series (4 classes): $125.00 USD




  • Classes are subject to cancellation without prior notice.

  • Classes cancelled due to a technical difficulty on our behalf will be added as a make-up class the following week one hour prior to that day’s class. 

  • The user assumes all risk of injury in the use of this program.

  • Choreography and Teacher Certification programs are the sole property of Virginia Mendez and are copyrighted works.


  • Live online class subscribers must attend the live classes. Starting in October, no videos are available for this subscription rate. YouTube video classes are available to purchase separately from your live class subscription. 

  • If you miss a class as a VIP Unlimited Pass Holder there are 23 other live classes in the month you are privy to. 

  • As a 4-class package holder you can take another live class within the month to make up for the class you missed. 

  • Single class subscribers can also take a different class within the month.  Please, notify us at least 2 hours prior to the make-up class you choose. You Tube video classes are available to purchase separately from your live class subscription. 


Meeting IDs and passwords are NOT to be shared. Anyone entering without having registered will be blocked.

  • Classes start November 3rd, 2020 - November 27th, 2020.

  • All subscription options are for a 4-week period.

  • Online Private Classes and Teacher Certification available.

  • Single classes are NOT available for Super Saturday Workshop. Student must be registered for a $90 Unlimited Pass or a $55 4-Weeks Pass.



"HOW TO CHOREOGRAPH" Students choice for music!

(All Levels)

You choose the music you want to choreograph and I will teach you everything you need to know in order to choreograph that music!  You will learn how to hear the many layers of music, understand the musical composition, stylyzation, and learn how to integrate the dynamics of a professional performance! This can be applied to soloists or groups!

YOGA MUKHTA FLOW for Bellydancers (All Levels)

Yoga should be an integral part of your dance training as it improves strength, balance, awareness, breathing, focus, and flexibility.  It is extremely beneficial to dancers who want to be more centered and at ease while performing, and have more range of motion and more fluidity.  If you want to incorporate back bends, floor work, or incorporate the balancing of props this class is for you!

"BALANCING ACT" Shamadan, Sword, Tray.  (All Levels)

Are you a working dancer or do you want to be?  Mastering the Art of Balancing is one of the highlights of your show and one that clients will remember forever! I will give you a variety of ways to work with these props that are both traditional and also innovative, and contemporary!  Includes floor work, tricks, and wow-factor moments! Leave your audience breathless when you perform shamdan, sword, or tray! 


First impressions and lasting expressions are how you captivate your audience as well as how they remember your performance.  Entrances, exits, and all the the dynamic accents in between will be taught giving you a tool belt full of options you can utilize for any style and venue.  


In this workshop series we will learn the music and the history of the most influential Arabic singer of all times, Oum Kalthoum. We will work with a different classic Oum Kalthoum song each Saturday.  We will focus on it's history, lyric translation, significance, and how to interpret it both musically and emotionally, bringing you closer to that "tarab" moment when you perform! Emotional exercises will also be utilized to free your inner expressive self.